Welcome To New Jan Risk Management Company

New Jan Risk Management & Consultancy (NJRMC) is a division of New Jan Group of Companies (NJGC) that has provided services to the expat community, AID groups (foreign and domestic) for over twelve years by implementing performance with excellent achievements for the following clients; US embassy, ISAF, United Nations, US Corps of Engineers (USACE) and GoIRA.


New Jan Risk Management Company (NJRMC) part of the New Jan Group, is a western managed Afghan owned full service Risk Management and Security Provider and Consultancy.

NJRMC is a security management consultancy company, which supports and provides security and logistical operations throughout Afghanistan.


New Jan RMC is a provider of cost effect, professional Risk Management services. We offer:

“We are able to respond to your
needs quickly and build “fit for
purpose” solutions for your
ongoing requirements “

  • Security Training and Awareness
  • Hostile Environment and Awareness Training (HEAT)

  • Static Security
  • PSD Services
  • Close Protection Officers
  • Security Audits and consulting
  • Aviation PSD
  • Tracking & Risk analysis
  • Surveillance/Counter-Surveillance Services


Unique to NJRMC is our ability to maintain a strong institutional relationship with the Center for Conflict and Peace
Studies (CAPS) http://www.caps.af, an independent research center based in Kabul that conducts action-oriented
research on national and regional issues affecting the security and political stability of Afghanistan. CAPS possess a
robust and well-developed monitoring and threat assessment capability and, in consultation with us, can provide
detailed briefings on specific threats as required.


Human resources are the basic factors of any product or service business.

Our people:

All personnel are trained according to our company standards regardless of their past experience. Past experience will never be assumed to be sufficient unless training is done by our company. We will test Site Managers, Supervisors and other required personnel and see which they are most comfortable with and build up on skills with our training. All personnel will be tested on their knowledge of general security and RMC knowledge.

Your people:

We offer customized HEAT (Hostile Environment and Awareness Training) to our clients for expats as well as training for host nation workers to ensure the day to day awareness and vigilance is in place aid in the overall risk reduction.

Experienced, skillful, trained, talented and honest employees are the essential elements for success of any business or corporation. Considering these facts and ground realities, our human resources department is constantly updating and revamping our procedures for recruitment and vetting.