New Jan Group Corporation (Construction, RMC Security Services, Automotive, Power Equipment, Machinery, Transportation and Logistic Supply & Services) mainly concerned to render humanitarian assistance to all Afghan and for rehabilitation of Afghanistan.

Propagation of heartrending circumstances exits in all Afghanistan, because they have survived decades of war, internal and external displacement. In fact, Afghanistan has endured swollen intimidation and divested away from the global world facilitation. Natural resources of Afghanistan are hindered for the rehabilitation so far, in contract Afghanistan exigencies are beyond the availed preservation, thereby and adhered and insistent concentration is the sole way to hoist Afghanistan from the current scary situation. Afghanistan fundamental dependency of development relays rehabilitation of its infrastructure and Non-infrastructure aspects; in addition, modernization and fluctuation with modern technologies world will elevate Afghanistan privacy in the humanity.

NJGC is the abbreviation of New Jan Group Corporation, a Non-Governmental, Non-Political, and an impartial Company, established to assist Afghanistan, perceived as the most vulnerable individuals, in their prior complexities. NJGC has a strong commitment for seeking a relief on the dismantled situation of the Afghanistan residents, which primarily focus on the decrease of cause of poverty in the country.

At last NJGC aims are to find resource for reconstruction and development of Afghanistan and to provide work facility for Afghan people in the region.


Mohammed Shafiq Rezaee