The NJGC Story.

New Jan Group Corporation (NJGC) is an Afghan National Construction Company established in 1979. Headquartered in Kabul, Afghanistan NJGC is recognized as one of the largest construction services providers.

NJGC designs, finances, builds and operates complex project of all kinds functioning throughout Afghanistan. NJGC provides program management, project management, construction management general contracting and design/build services.

Our nationwide presence offers clients the accessibility and support of a local firm with the strength, stability and resources.

Our reputation.

As a one of the leading Afghan National Agency in the construction industries has been built on performing excellent work. NJGC offers a full range of reconstruction and construction services. The scope of the company’s work covers a broad spectrum of both public and private construction projects.

Community Independency.

Promote community independency through community ownership, capacity building and economic growth.

Civil Society.

Build the capacity of civil societies and government through partnership to promote peace culture, good governance and basic rights (e.g. shelter, food, education, health, water, security)

Human Rights.

Promote program need based approach parallel to rights based approach through innovative programming, advocacy and NJGC policies and organizational culture.

Organizational Realignment.

To maximize NJGC capacity to achieve its program goal, NJGC will streamline and realign its organizational structures and systems, with improved support, skilled staff, and helpful work culture.

Our Vision.

New Jan Group Corporation (NJGC) looks for a positive change in the world where there will be a social justice, poverty has been overcome and people will live in dignity and integrity. NJGC will be a worldwide force and a partner of alternative.

Our Mission.

NJGC exists to address the root cases of poverty in Afghanistan and social injustice. All these can be made through strengthening local capacity; promoting basic human rights, social, economic and gender uniformity, sustainable and effective use of resources and control, alive civil society and provision of economic opportunities to live in peace and dignity.

Program Goal.

By the end of 2015, NJGC programs will be in developed stage and recognized as models of principle-based programs, which work in partnership with other partners and which result in higher standards of living, community independency, peace, human rights and gender uniformity.

Our management team.

The success of an organization depends on the presence of the right people. Meet our senior management team:

The management team leads the day-to-day work of NJGC

Mohammed Eisa Kamall


Engineer Muhammad Aqa

Senior Civil Engineer

Muhammad Shafiq rezai


Abdul Qader Esaqzai

Senior Architect

Murtaza Ahmady

General Manager

Obaid Barish

Admin Manager


Finance Manager

Ghufranullah najimi

Logistic officer & supervisor