NJGC has extensive experience for implementing the projects that are directly comparable to the proposed project. It offers professional services in the areas of civil, structural and construction management, urban infrastructure development including water supply, sanitation services, roads, bridges and vertical structural engineering projects. Most of our projects were successfully completed ahead from the original contract duration due to our excellent quality system of construction management.

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Contractors & Construction
Since 1979

At NJGC Construction Services, our office staff and field professionals work in partnership with our clients to build a solid relationship on trust, and professionalism.

Construction services across all province in Afghanistan

General Construction

Road construction

Construction of Dams

Barracks & Hostels

K-Span Buildings

Construction of B-Hut

Connex Facility

Force Protection


Landscape and construction of Parks & Services

Bridges and Overpasses

High raised buildings, factories and industrial parks

Substations (Underground Facilities)

High medium and Low voltage Transmission lines

Warehouses and Auditorium